Why is it so many of us have left play behind like a broken toy?

As busy people, we may have full and happy lives but we spend lots of time on the sidelines. Building homes, families and careers can be fun. They bring us immense pride and joy but they take lots of energy and leave little left over for fun.

Playtime is often at back of the line when it comes to priorities. Sometimes we’re too busy or tired. But dig a little deeper and the real reasons why we don’t play are because:

  1. We’ve forgotten how to play
  2. We see play through someone else’s eyes; like our younger selves, society or friends & family.


There’s lots of science behind why adults need play. It’s not the focus of this blog but there’s lots of information to read on the psychological benefits of play for adults.

In a nutshell, play makes us more relaxed, stimulates our brain, fires our imagination, and is great for our all round emotional well-being.

Play makes us happy because we feel good and do good.


This blog is about real and practical inspiration to bring more play into our lives. Over the next months, I’ll be trying lots of fun ideas to embark on a ‘100 Day Play Project’. I’ll see what I can uncover about play. As The Cat in the Hat said, “it’s fun to have fun, but you have to know how”.

Each day, I’ll blog about ideas for play, the challenges I’ve had to overcome, what happened, and what I learned in the process.

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