The 100 Day Play Project is a great way to get to know your playful self better.

The Playful Child

Part of this is about reconnecting with our younger self. By looking back and remembering this person, we pick up tips about play.

  • What games did you used to like to play?
  • What are your happiest childhood memories?
  • What things made you smile?

Thinking back on these questions is a really fun exercise.

For me, it reminds me how I loved to sing and dance; ride my bike and climb trees. I enjoyed being covered in dirt with scabs on my knees. I liked to run and play in the netball team. I had a wicked sense of humour and was always up for a ‘belly-laugh’. I preferred to be outdoors in nature.

What Our Childhood Tells Us

While I realise I’m (probably) not about to start climbing trees, there’s some things I can learn from my past to help my Play Project. For instance:

  • Music and dancing are important.
  • Physical play as distinct from exercise is a goal.
  • Nurture fun relationships with people who get my sense of humour.
  • Nature is my playground.

Playful At Heart

The person we are now and want to be in the future can also inspire playfulness. The things we wish to do or the ways we play now are things we could build on.

While it is great inspiration to reflect on my playful self, it’s also worth remembering that this is about fun and playfulness! So I’m going to going to leave it there and get started on my project.

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